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Welcome to Kidzfield

The Family Community at the Heart of Glastonbury

neurontin We are pleased to present for you our World of Wonder, Inspiration and Astonishment!

http://cosmetic-jar.com/contact/ A place where your childhood is the only thing of importance and the mission is to offer so many things to do that you never run out of amazing and inspiring things to do.

http://hotellikalevala.fi/ The dreams, magic and values that Glastonbury was started with, live on in the The Kidzfield. This year, We've got all the brilliance that makes The Kidzfield one of the most special places on earth, as well as some new LEGENDARY and MAGICAL acts to take things to the next level.

Kidzfield is full of more amazing and exciting things to do than you could ever get around to.All activities, shows and workshops in our field are FREE! 

As our motto says;

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood or enable someone else’s”

We believe in quality entertainment for kidz, we don’t endorse products, sell tie-ins or put on empty shows with bright colours and no nutritional value. We don’t do flyers or adverts or stalls or pester power.