http://polyurethanecondom.com/tag/custom-best-condom/ The Kidz Field is the space dedicated to kidz at http://steps2stardom.com.au/uncategorized/kde-koupit-stromectol-v-praze-the-best-lowest-prices-for-all-drugs-free-worldwide-delivery/ Glastonbury Festival. Glastonbury Festival was founded on, and is committed to, progressive attitudes and inspiring new generations. Children have always been given free admission to Glastonbury and we are the guardians of their domain and facilitators of the largest & finest free festival for kidz in Europe.

The Kidz Field is the family community at the heart of Glastonbury Festival. The dreams, magic and values that Glastonbury was started with, live on in the The Kidz Field. This year, We’ve got all the brilliance that makes The Kidz Field one of the most special places on earth, as well as some new LEGENDARY and MAGICAL acts to take things to the next level. All activities, shows and workshops in our field are FREE! Adults must be accompanied by a child at all times! As our motto says http://allstar-perfect.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://allstar-perfect.com/the-condensing-unit-roof-stand-game/ “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood or enable someone else’s”. We believe in quality entertainment for kidz, we don’t endorse products, sell tie-ins or put on empty shows with bright colours and no nutritional value. We don’t do flyers or adverts or stalls or “pester power”.


Basil Brush comes to us with his full stage show, boom boom!basil-brush-largeEvery day he’ll be bringing his wit and wisdom to our field for kidz of all ages. Ever since his first appearance in 1963 Basil has worked his way into the hearts of the British public. He’s up there with the great legends of British entertainment, Basil is the 21st Century Fox and he will be bringing great joy to all who take part in his riotous show.

The loveliest and most brilliant Magician on earth, Dynamo, is back with his awesome, kidz only, stage show.
Star of CBBC, The Art Ninja has a crazy, creative stage show that will get everyone making things and joining in with the Ninja Madness!

Cbeebies favourites Andy, Alex and Katy are bringing their Andy and the Odd Socks show, full of fun, comedy, music and crazy capers. Andy & The Odd SocksAs is the tradition for us, each morning Seikou Susso brings forth the sun with the wondrous sound of the West African Kora.

We are absolutley delighted to have the Milkshake Live! Crew back in the Big Top. Jen Pringle and Amy Thompson present their brand new show “Festival Fun” with Milkshake Monkey.

Milshakes 2016

We have the very best of children’s theatre, straight from theatres across the UK into the funkiest field in the world. Our theatre treats include Rhubarb Theatre’s brand new show ‘Explorers Galorer’s’, DNA Theatre’s ‘Tom Thumb’ and The Flying Seagull Project.

Oliver Broad’s Pirate Productions CINDERELLA…. A Fairytale for all the Family
Pirate productions returns to the Big Top with the classic story of Cinderella.
Will the Wicked Step sisters get what they deserve? Will Cinderella get to the Ball? Will the Prince find the foot that fits the crystal slipper? All will be revealed … yipadee-cloudsAdd to this the freezing Princess songbirds The Star Kids and Mr Yipadee and his fantastic mixture of songs and silliness, and we’re sure you’ll agree that this is the Big Top at it’s best!

In 2016 the childlike wonder of our field is the living proof that it’s never too late to have a happy childhood. The elders have been with us since they were kidz , now their kidz have got kidz and all the kidz there have ever been are getting ready for the most fantabulous Kidz Field EVER!!!

Out on the field, we are delighted to have all the Kidzfield classics. The Helter Skelter, The Castle, The Big Top, The Pirate Ship, The World Famous Make ‘n’ Do Tent, Swingboats, Roundabouts, Zipwire, Gyroscopes, Climbing Walls and The Legendary Kidzfield Entrance, will all be there.


Professor Panic is one of the finest exponents of contemporary circus. He will host all day puppet lunacy, circus skills and story workshops. His shows include the ‘Coat of 100 Pockets’; where every pocket holds a treasure, every treasure tells a story gathered on the Professor’s travels, and the Panic take on the traditional Punch & Judy Show, performed in a static booth.

Professor Panic’s Circus School delivers lessons in Tight Rope, Unicycle, Juggling, Plate Spinning, Stilt Walking and classic Clowning, it’s fantastic fun and it offers many physical and emotional benefits. Zu Aerial Dance train and perform Trapeze workshops each day. Professor Eek! will be doing terrible magic and Elsie Fanackerpants will be storytelling and doing Walkabouts. Mainbrace Theatre will have pirate pandemonium and ‘a-haa me hearty’ antics and Nicada do a Traditional Punch and Judy show – that’s the way to do it! Not forgetting the amazing talents of No Strings Theatre Company, Captain Kipper, Gayton Boyer’s Dinosaurs the Universe and Everything – A Love Story and Krazy Koala, who is coming all the way from Australia, bringing his puppets that like to party and Kabare Pupala is a master puppeteer in the European grand tradition.


In The Kidz Field Muzikademy we’ve created a fantastic resource for keen young music students of all abilities. We’ve got audio and video recording, instrument lessons, group sessions and as much music and performance tuition as you could hope to have. We’re giving away ukeleles and other instruments and all the inspiration and encouragement in the world.

Re-Play Music is the biggest stringed instrument recycling project in the UK. Running for over 15 years and having taken 2 Music Industry Awards for Environmental Initiative and Sustainability (sponsored by NAMM, MIA and Classic FM). Our first Music workshop started at Glastonbury Kidz Field more than a decade ago. Disregarded instruments are Re-cycled and Re-paired, so they can Re-turn to Kidz Field where they get Re-played by 100’s of kids each year!! We are dedicated to the idea that Music is made to share, just like the instruments you can try in the Re-play Music Tent, where it all began!!!

Re:Play Music and The Muzikademy is a fantastic opportunity for kids to get their hands on instruments. Violins, acoustic and electric guitars, basses, ukuleles, samba percussion and electronic and traditional drum kits.

Under the able supervision of Jono and his awesome crew of inspiring musical mentors, our daily instrumental workshops, together with songwriting and performng sessions make The Muzikademy a veritable Fame Academy. All of the songs composed by the kidz over the festival days will be recorded in the Corran Ddu – The Celtic Blue Rocker mobile studio and uploaded to the Kidzfield Soundcloud Page. We’re creating the future stars of Glastonbury here at the Kidzfield Musikademy. Rounding out the Music Workshops are Access To Music, Jessica Goida, Samba George, Rodney Brannigan and his masterclasses – including special guest appearances by some of the stars of this years Glastonbury. Rocktopus is one of our new Music Workshops and we welcome them, too.


John Row, the story telling Wizard, is the host of our new Storytellers Lounge. We’ve made some considerable changes to Storytelling central and so, this year we’ll be sprawling on settees being transported by our groovy group of dreamweavers.

Pag’s Instant Theatre teases wonder from the English language to create the tallest of tales that unfold in twists and turns. Clive ‘The Storyfella’ Pig has an encyclopedic story brain and Donald ‘Story Don’ Nelson is, simply, a master of his craft, a storymancer.

Renowned Welsh mistress of Tales, Christine Willison along with her trusty sidekick Mitzi on accordion, is back with us, and it’s a welcome return for Mark ‘Walk The Lines’ Hill multi-talented master of yarnery.

Storys are at the heart of human experience, reading, telling, sharing and loving great storytelling is central to our engagement as humans. We LOVE the power of storytelling and we look to John Row as our guardian of the artform. Great Grandfather Story in The Kidz Field family!


One of the most popular places in The Kidz Field, everyday from 9:00 am kidz crowd in to create and participate. We couldn’t give you a complete list of what you can make and do here because the incredible team that we have assembled are constantly inventing new things to do.

Most of the materials we use are recycled and everything we teach you is easy to learn and fun to do. Come in through the day and get your face painted, hair or make up done or make your own wardrobe. All you need to bring is a smile!


Star of Hart Beat and Have A Kazoo, Gabrielle Bradshaw and her colleague Katie English, are Makendoo. This year the theme is… SPACE… THE KIDZ FRONTIER
Come and join the Makendoo workshops where we will be making a SPACE
installation to decorate the craft tent. Suns, moons, stars and planets will be painted and hoisted into the air along with rockets, flying saucers and aliens.
Look closer and you may even see a Red Space Bus or a hovering Helter Skelter…..
(We will also be making smaller space artworks to take home).

The rest of our enormous crew of do-ers is as follows;

Buzz Stop
Mushroom Fairy Rings, Tent Pets, Graffiti Name Flags and Painted Glasto Mini Bins.

WoW Create with Mrs Recycle
Make bees and bugs and fantastic figurines out of wire and paper and reclaimed materials.

JF Hero Arts
Create cardboard super heroes.

Sticky Fingers Crew
Hats, puppets, brooches, badges and pop-ups.

Make charms, wishes and messages to hang on our wishing tree and to take home.

Kajamagoo Arts
Mask making, dream catchers & banners.

Mad Hatters
Create your own, awesome festival hat and a Rock Star Peg Doll and Matchbox Pyramid Stages. A must for any budding designers. Also, these are the folk who do the bottle rockets, so, fingers in your ears and away she blows.

Hullabaloo Arts
Make animated movies.

Crowning Glories
Make Glorious Crowns.

Noona’s Puppet Stew
Stick puppets and so much more.

Wicked Wings
Make wicked wings with wicked wings.

Sian’s Workshops
Festival cushions from recycled materials, mobiles of owls and octopi, celtic bracelets and teepee lampshades.

East Anglian Arts Collective
Make costumes from recycled paper and cardboard.

Nicada Puppets
Make a puppet with Nick and Nada and star in your own show.

Helen Brown Print Making
Glastonbury flag making

Pixie Jools Copper Jewellery Workshop
Make Copper jewellery.

Creative Nature
Creative play, LED bottle lanterns & willow lanterns.

Bill Chambers’ Print Workshop
Hands on printing.

Arts Ahoy
Craft workshop based on the children’s book The Rainbow Fish.

A Tropical Adventure
Make Jellyfish Puppets and a huge Bi-Plane for the sunday parade.

The Magic Garden
Make wonderful creatures from nature.

Crafty Costumes
Make costumes from recycled paper and cardboard.

Kendra’s Basket Weaving
Basket Weaving for kids.

The A.P.E Project presents The Hammers & Nails Carpentry Corner.
Hands on access to woodworking and carpentry skills. Noisy, creative fun!


Trying out fantastic looks, knowing about how to express the way you feel and wearing yourself with style and fashion, is a big part of growing up and finding out who you are. Playing with a look or trying a style on for size is something we love to help people with in The Kidz Field. We have long had a reputation for bringing the best Face painters from across the UK into one place to give free face painting to all The Kidz Field kidz.

Over the years this has expanded to include every kind of face and hair decoration. We have skilled practitioners who ethically source their materials and pass on their skills to keen young minds. This year we’ve really expanded and have pulled together our strongest team yet to provide the best in every kind of Face Art and appearance styling. We have Nail Bars, Hair Art, Bindis and Braiding. Our amazing team includes Facepak Facepainters, Richard Langford’s Facepaint Artists, Nam Nam’s, Cheshire Cats, Starfish, Gally’s Binding and Hair Braiding, Mimi’s Ethiopian Hair Beading and The Pop Up Nail Art Soft Nail Bar. Whatever it is you could wish for to make your visage magical and extraordinary, we have. Wear your Kidzfield magic with pride, become a work of art and be magical and brilliant!


Around our field we have things to do and see, make or join in with, bounce on, jump off, climb up and fly in. We’ve got castles and aliens, bubbles and clowns, pirates, swingboats and roundabouts, explosions, magicians, stuntmen and technicolour nuns. Our centrepiece, The World Famous Kidz Field Castle, will be freshly decorated and expanded and manned by the fabulous Woodcraft Folk. Other treats out on the field include;

Circus Fudge present ‘Blunderfudge’
The World’s Greatest Daredevil Showman! A show performed by an idiot full of sound, fury and domestic appliances. A kaleidoscopic Circus escapade with music, comedy and plungers.

Paul Wadsworth’s Artist Masterclasses
World renowned artist Paul Wadsworth introduces kidz to the world of painting.

Cameraless photography Workshops, Explosive Science Shows with Coke and Mento explosions and wacky water rocket workshops.

The Magic Garden Present ‘Over The Rainbow’
Recycled Windmill Gardens. Make recycled windmills for the garden.
And, as always, we provide fantastic walkabout fun in the Field.

Triban Tribe
Solar and Wind powered Circus Space, with Circus Skills Workshops, and hosts to Rainbow Theatre performances, Jamma Da Samba Samba workshops and much, much more.

Midsummer Madness with Rainbow Theatre
Rainbow Theatre return with their unique production of Shakespeare’s ‘A
MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM!’. Children join Rainbow’s professional actors to
create a very special happening with GIANT PUPPETS , fairies, lovers and clowns,
music making and madness. Daily workshop for kids of all ages followed by an

Maynell Games
Guided play with Parachutes, one metre wide balls, bouncing, jumping, shouting. Excitement, adventure and team shenanigans is what Maynell is all about.

The Woodcraft Elders
Each day the Woodcraft Elders hold themed workshops which take the participants on a journey, creating elements and inventing stories. A real hidden gem in the heart of the Kidzfield.

Josie Jeffries Seedbombing
Josie holds workshops creating seedbombs with a diverse array of seeds, and then takes kidz on forays to distribute their devices.

Penwith Play Inflatables
Bounce around to your hearts content.

Ping Pong Thunderdome
Ping and pong in the Thunderdome.

The Portable Power Tower of Mystery
Bicycle powered glitter ball fun.

Earthheart Swing boats and Chairoplanes

Brand New four person Super Gyroscope

Little Kidz Gyroscope

The Foundry’s Climbing Wall

Spider Mountain Climbing Frame

Supertramps Trampolines


The Kidz Field is stuffed to the gills with beautiful, bizarre and barmy people to meet and interact with, these are our Walkabouts. At various times you will chance upon the likes of Brain Sheep, Velvet Marbles, Stilt Affliction, Pedro The Clown and his Travelling Cart, Frantic Antics, Be More Smiley’s People, Jamma Da Samba, Mr Wolf Collective, Gorilla Hugs, The Moaner Lisa, Balloon Magician’s, Bouncy Space Hoppers, Professor Noodlestein & His Robot Cybor, Friction Arts’ Magnificent ‘Sisters of Percy’, A.P.E Project, The Living Arts Company and Other World Arts.

We are the team that bring dreams. We have people with us who have been creating the wonder since the very beginning of Glastonbury. They live and breath the spirit of Glastonbury Festival and devote their hearts to inspiring children with the joy, love, wonder and awe of the community of the festival.


Tiny tots feel at home in the little kidz area, a safe, fenced-in space at the top of the field with it’s own mini playground and helpers. There’s the famous Suffolk Play Works Vulcan Drogue Sandpit, Music House For Children, The Albion Kidz Show Kidz Karaoke, Soft Play and famous Pirate Ship, for active types. Plus, there is a Book and Toy Library, Little Inflatables, Karen’s Bouncy Castle’s, Tatty Bumpkin Yoga Classes for Babies and Children and ‘Leaps & Bounds’ with Tumbletots encouraging kids to climb and jump.

The National Childbirth Trust provide baby changing, bathing, food and feeding facilities, as well as provisions and advice to help those with very young children and babies at the festival. They have nappies, wellies and wipes, (Bio-Degradable of course), in their sanctuary and are on hand to give advice, support and a friendly face. Drop in for a cup of tea and find a moment of calm understanding for you and your youngest. NCT provide an invaluable service for us and we have the greatest respect for the commitment, kindness and energy that they bring to The Kidz Field. So, visit them, chill out with your child and have a cup of tea and a break.


The Kidz Field Rest and Recuperation is located at the bottom of Family Camping and is open from Wednesday onwards from 19:00-09:00 every night. When the Kidz Field is closed they offer a place to warm a bottle, get a nappy change, chill out and care for babies and small children. This is a vital part of the Kidzfield wraparound service, providing support for parents with young children at Glastonbury.

We aim to create an organic wonderland in the Kidz Field, there are hundreds of things to do but children must be accompanied at all times, so the parents get to share the experience. That’s really rewarding and adds to the good vibes in our area. Kids come to us and go from the Big Top to the Make and Do, climb on the castle, learn a Circus skill, listen to a story, bang on a drum, climb the rockwall, watch a puppet show and ride on a fairground ride. Then they leave with a painted face, holding something they’ve created with a broad smile and memories to last a lifetime.

If you are attending Glastonbury Festival with children, then please visit us and enjoy your stay.
The Kidz Field is open from 12pm – 7pm Thursday and 9am til 7pm each day after.
The Kidz Field has a Lost Childrens and a First-Aid post manned by a large group of highly trained professionals. We have a CCTV system to ensure safety and Strawberry Fair stewards are always on hand to keep you safe and ensure that you and yours have a happy childhood at Glastonbury.

The Kidz Field and Glastonbury Festival are committed to the UN Charter for the Rights of the Child. We promote honest values and provide a safe place for play and exploration. Creativity, self-expression, curiosity and magic are encouraged, nourished and celebrated in our field.