Kidzfield Line-Up 2017

Roll Up! Roll Up! For the greatest show on Earth for Kidz – The Kidzfield at Glastonbury Festival!

It’s 23 years since Eventuality created The Kidzfield - a mission to inspire the next generation of. We work to inspire them to live and share and care, for themselves, for others and for our precious planet. Many of our crew started

Thousands of children have passed through our gates in search of the dizzying array of delights distributed around our magical landscape. They play and make, laugh and dance, create, absorb and engage. There is no other place on earth like it and we invite everyone of 12 and under to experience the wonder of The Kidzfield!


Our Big Top is stuffed with sensational shows. The greatest magician alive, Dynamo is here, with his kidz only show. The legend that is Basil Brush returns, due to popular demand. Mr Bloom from CBeeBies performs his stage show ’Watch Out For Muddy Puddles’ and his TV colleagues Andy, Alex & Katy will have you singing, dancing and falling about laughing. Plus, we have musical shows from Andy Day, with his Dinosaur Raps and Odd Socks, and one extra special show on Saturday by Mr Bloom and his Band.

If the theatre is your thing we have the Julia Donaldson favourite ‘Room on the Broom’, Rhubarb Theatre with ‘The Big Dippers’, Pirate Productions‘Red Riding Hood’ and DNA Puppet Theatre with their show ’Clay Time’.

Each morning we will delight to the magical tones of Sekkou Susso's Kora. In addition, we bring you Milkshake Live!, Starkids, The Flying Seagull Project, Correo Hazzard and The Cryptid Petting Zoo from Headstrung Theatre. As always, there will be special guests!?!


Kidzfield legend Professor Panic's family circus is a new wave, non-animal clown-theatre, steeped in the continuously evolving tradition of travelling circus.  He has some amazing treats including Wild Toy Theatre, who present their beautiful, intricate show ‘Fisherknights Tale’, Professor Eek! and Elsie Fanackerpants, Mainbrace Theatre, No Strings Theatre Company, Captain Kipper, Krazy Koala, Zu Aerial Dance, Nicada Puppets’ Traditional Punch and Judy Show - that’s the way to do it!


John Row, the story telling Wizard, host’s The Storytellers Lounge. Weaving their stellar stories this year are Snail Tales with his stories of ‘The First King of England In a Dress’, Pag's Instant Theatre, Donald 'Story Don' Nelson, Christine Willison, Mark ‘Walk The Lines’ Hill and many other fabulous Storytellers.


One of the most popular places in The Kidzfield, everyday from 9:00 am kidz crowd in to create and participate. We couldn’t give you a complete list of what you can do here, because the incredible team that we have assembled are constantly inventing new things to make and do. There is so much amazing creativity here, a small selection could begin with Gabrielle Bradshaw and Katy English with their TV Arts & Crafts institution Makendoo, WoW Create with Mrs Recycle  who'll help you to choose your own fabrics to create wondrous items,  Sian’s Workshops  where everyone from the very to teenagers can create something awesome, including Pyramid Stage moneyboxes, Helen Brown Print Making Flag Workshop, Buzz Stop making 'Tent Pets', Hullaboo Arts' animation workshops, Mad Hatters  make hats, launch rockets and much more, Wicked Wings, Pixie Jools Copper Jewellery Workshop, Sticky Fingers Crew messy but magnificent makers, Creative Nature, Derry's Create A Firebird Workshop, JF Hero Arts - make your own Hero, Hot Press printing, Crafty Campers helping you to make a miniature Glastonbury, Noona’s Puppet Stew with their legendary puppet making workshop, Crafty Costumes, East Anglian Arts Collective, Messy Nessie the ceramic educator with her pottery wheel, Crowning Glories, Mo's Mosaic Making Workshop, Basket Weaving with Kendra, Free Tibet,DNA, Kajamagoo Arts, Nicada Puppets, Bill Chambers’ Print Workshop and Joe & Jule's Parade Workshop.


The Kidz Field has a tradition of bringing the best Facepainters, this year we’ve really expanded into every kind of Make-Up and styling. Our amazing team includes Facepak, Richard Langford’s Facepaint Artists, Nam Nam’s, Starfish, Gally’s Binding and Hair Braiding, Mimi’s Ethiopian Hair Beading and The Pop Up Nail Bar.


The Kidz Field Muzikademy is the realisation of our dream to give the gift of musicianship to our young people. We’ve got lessons, group sessions, instrument giveaways and our own Recording facility, the opportunity to record with state of the art technology in the The Celtic Blue Rocker Corryn Ddu Studio. All of our Kidzfield music will be uploaded to our dedicated Soundcloud page.

Our partners in the Muzikademy, Re:Play Music, co-ordinate the team that can teach our young people how to play and express themselves; Rodney Brannigan, Samba George and Rocktopus. Over the years, we have set thousands of young people on the road to music making. This year, one of our alumni is headlining one of the main Glastonbury stages.


If you like things to bounce on, jump off, climb up and spin around like a crazy thing, in. We’ve got our iconic Helter Skelter , The Legendary Kidzfield Castle, 4 Seater Super Gyroscope, The Foundry’s Climbing Wall. Earthheart Swingboats & Chairoplanes, Supertramps Trampolines, The Aerial Runway and Roundabouts.

Other treats out on the field include; The A.P.E Project Carpentry Corner, Wad’s Art Masterclasses, Experimakers,  Maynall GamesThe Woodcraft Elders, The Ping Pong Thunderdome, Triban, Circus Fudge present ‘Blunderfudge', Penrith Play Inflatables and Spider Mountain.


The Kidzfield is filled to bursting with bizarre and brilliant types to meet and greet, these are our Walkabouts. At various times you will chance upon the likes of Brain Sheep, Stilt Affliction, Be More’s Smiley People, Frantic Antics, The Moaner Lisa, Clown Pedro, The Sisters of Percy, The Living Art Co, Mr Wolf Collective, Big Hand, Boot Puppet Theatre, Velvet Marbles, Jamma Da Samba, Aliens, Pirates, The Truancy Officer and much, much more.


The wellbeing of our young people is always a priority for us. Tiny tots feel at home in the little kidz area, a safe, fenced-in space at the top of the field with it’s own mini playground and helpers. There’s the famous Suffolk Playworks Vulcan Drogue Sandpit a haven playpit for the littlest ones in the field, under a parachute from a WWII jet, The Albion Kidz, who have worked tirelessly for years bringing joyful play for kidz across urban and rural spaces, bring their Pirate Ship, Kidz Karaoke & Soft Play. Music House For Children, Tumbletots and Tatty Bumpkin are our crew for kidz activities and physical wellbeing in the Mini-Big Top. For those kidz that want some space and calm we have, as always, The Book & Toy Library.


The National Childbirth Trust provide baby changing, bathing, food and feeding facilities, as well as provisions and advice to help those with very young children and babies at the festival. Parents with small children can find sanctuary here, with free cups of tea, food for the little ones and respite for all. These are kind, considerate folk who know festivals and the challenges that face parents and small children who go to them. They care and we love that they care.

Our hidden gem is the Kidzfield Rest & Recuperation Tent - located at the bottom of Family Camping and is open from Wednesday onwards from 19:00-09:00 every night. When the Kidzfield is closed they offer a place to warm a bottle, get a nappy change, chill out and care for babies and small children. This is a vital part of the Kidzfield wraparound service, providing support for parents with young children at Glastonbury. This year we're going to present storytelling for bedtime, because wellbeing includes peace of mind and sweet dreams.

The Kidz Field and Glastonbury Festival are committed to the UN Charter for the Rights of the Child. We promote honest values and provide a safe place for play and exploration. Creativity, self-expression, curiosity and magic are encouraged, nourished and celebrated in our field. You enter the field with your head spinning, trying to take in everything we have to give, and leave with your arms full of the great things you’ve made and your mind full of ideas.

In the Kidzfield we consider safety and security to be of paramount importance. Our Lost Kidz  team have years of experience caring for children and reuniting them with family and carers. We co-ordinate Lost Kidz for the whole festival and we have a professionally staffed First Aid team, including Doctors and childcare experts. We also have our own CCTV system, we take our responsibility for keeping everyone in the Kidzfield safe and comfortable very seriously. You can be assured that the Kidzfield is the safest place in the festival.

Our stewards, The Strawberry Fayrees are legendary for their kindness, consideracy and commitment to fun and smiles. Their job is to keep you safe and secure and help you to enjoy the fun.

If you are attending Glastonbury Festival with children, then please visit us and enjoy your stay.