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The Kidz Field Meeting

At the end of yesterday all of the Kidz Field crew gathered together in The Big Top to renew hellos and hear Tony give his 20th ‘Welcome To The Kidz Field’ speech. As usual he inspired us and amused in equal measure with tales of the escapades and adventures of Glastonburys gone by. He also reminded us all why The Kidz Field is such a special and extraordinary place, highlighting the hard work, care and love that we all put in to make this such spectacle happen. Shared responsibility, commitment to kindness and care and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, to dedictaion to making this the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD for Kidz to play, laugh and learn.

As Tony said, “We have to be the bow that fires the arrows of the future, children are our hope and we have a duty to inspire, excite and protect them on their journey into the future.”


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