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Kidz Field Line Up 2013

We are delighted to unveil our line-up for 2013

Welcome to the Kidz Field and it’s extraordinary world of wonder and magic. Around our field we have things to do and see, make or join in with, bounce on, jump off, climb up and fly in. We’ve got castles and aliens, bubbles and clowns, swingboats and roundabouts, explosions, magicians, stuntmen and technicolour nuns. Our select troupe of Imagineers and Playworkers weave wonder and make magic happen, there’s more to see and do than you could ever believe, so dive in and let’s blast off!
The Kidz Field represents the original ethos of Glastonbury. We keep the Utopian spirit alive and we believe in the magic of sharing and play.
The Kidz Field is a trip back to gentler times. Our cast and crew create a production filled with honest values and meaningful engagement. Kidz Field families come here to make things together and take in all the splendours and delights we have to offer. As our motto says “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood”.
We believe in quality entertainment for kidz, we don’t endorse products, sell tie-ins or put on empty shows with bright colours and no nutritional value. We don’t do flyers or adverts or stalls or “pester power”. We’re happy to be different. We celebrate difference and diversity and we wholeheartedly endorse the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. It is a right of the child to rest, leisure and play. To enjoy recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in Cultural life and the Arts. All activities, shows and workshops in our field are FREE!

The Kidz Field is open from 12pm til 7pm on Thursday, and from 9am til 7pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Big Top

Our Friends from CBeeBies

Alex, Sid, Andy and Katy will be performing a new show devised especially for Kidzfield 2013! It will include songs, games, jokes, laughter and require that children MUST join in and have FUN!!!!

Also joining in the fun with the Crew are The Star Kids.

“I love coming to the Kidz Field and performing in the big top. It is always so rewarding and so much fun. The Kidz Field audiences really are the best. Me, Sid, Andy and Katy cannot wait to get to Glastonbury and make people smile.” Alex Winters


The Golden Cowpat

Tucked In Theatre bring their latest hit show, straight from a lauded run at The Edinburgh Festival.


Hector’s farm is in a sorry state. Crops no longer grow, trees droop and grass is thin on the ground. All his animals have been sold, except his cows. One day Hector discovers a mysterious golden cowpat in their field. This sets him and the bearer of the priceless poos, Betty (the naughtiest cow of them all), on a quest to sell the pats and make their fortunes!

Tucked In have created an intimate piece of storytelling for children and adults that will express the importance of community and humanity. It is told through a thrilling concoction of eccentric, high-energy storytelling and lush, lilting folk music.



Mr Yipadee & The Bear-y Good Band

Chart-topping New Zealand Children’s Musician, Dean O’Brien aka Mr Yipadee, used the power of positive thinking to sing his way to Number One on the UK iTunes Album Charts earlier this year. Joined by his Bear-y Good Band, Mr Yipadee’s music engages, entertains and inspires confidence, self-belief, and well-being for your child. Dance, sing, and laugh with Mr Yipadee & The Bear-y Good Band on their Glastonbury debut before they embark on their tour of New Zealand later this year.

Mr Yipadee’s debut album, ‘The Yes I Can Club’ went to Number One ahead of Now That’s What I Call Disney in the middle of January 2013 and has now inspired a popular live stage show and a self-belief children’s club that is integrated into Children’s centres, schools, nurseries, and pre-schools around the UK & Europe.

The music has been designed, written and produced by O’Brien and world renown music producer, Mark Wainwright. Over recent years the production team have produced for all the major record labels and worked with chart breaking pop and rock acts including earlier this year completing work with Universal Music & INXS. Wainwright & O’Brien are now focussed on translating the world’s leading self-belief & positive thinking principles for 0-7 year olds through compelling, upbeat musical products and live performances and are very excited to be spreading Yipadee joy at Glastonbury in the Kidz Field.

Mr Yipadee’s Website


CBeeBIes Rhyming Rockets

Join Joe and Andy as they embark on an adventure of slapstick, silliness, song and…. silliness, as they endeavour to create rhyming magic for all ages. Come and meet First Officer Ditty and Professor Poet from ‘The Rhyme Rocket’.


Rhubarb Theatre Present Paper Wings

Torn from their homeland, Tatao and her mother have arrived in a strange new world. Confused, lost and homesick, they set about to start a new life.
Full of colour, music, creativity and imagination, Paper Wings will take the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions. So prepare for joy and sadness, laughter and tears, and surprises around every corner. Suitable for the whole family.


Coreo Hazzard

Coreo is one of the great new circus talents of our generation. He is from three generations of clown, The Hazzards, and his grandfather, Michael Balfour, was one of the truly Great Britons. Michael ‘Ancient Hazzard’ Balfour was one of the founding inspirations of the Kidz Field and Coreo’s father Perry, ‘Alwayz Hazzard’, appeared with us for years and now Coreo has taken over the role as the Hazzard in the Kidz Field. His blend of clowning, magic, wonder and awe is enchanting and his show is a treat for all who are drawn in.


Seikou Susso

Each morning the field will open to the beautiful sounds of traditional West African Kora music. Coming from a long line of griots, oral historians who have kept and promoted the history of the Mandinka cultures of West Africa, Gambia-born Seikou Sussou is a master of the kora – the African harp. He uses his music to provide the perfect ambience of West Africa. His compositions are inspired by Mandinka culture, and his singing and playing style observes the delicacy and poise of the Gambian traditional repertoire.

Seiku’s Website


ZAZ The Clown

Zaz has been entertaining children and families since he was a kid! and takes great pride in his work. Over the years he has made a lasting impact on many children and adults from all walks of life.

Matthew Indge aka Zaz grew up in the small seaside town of Bognor Regis and started Clowning at a young age when he joined in the yearly Bognor Clown Convention festival with many other local school children. In 1993 Zaz was awarded Clowns Internationals Young Clown of the year and Clown of the year in 2007

ZAZ The Clown’s Website



Re:Play Music


Play – Perform – Record

In the Kidz Field Muzikademy we’ve created a fantastic resource for keen young music students of all abilities. We’ve got audio and video recording, instrument lessons, group sessions and as much music and performance tuition as you could hope to have. We’re giving away ukeleles and other instruments and all the inspiration and encouragement in the world.

Re-Play Music is the biggest stringed instrument recycling project in the UK. Running for over 15 years and having taken 2 Music Industry Awards for Environmental Initiative and Sustainability (sponsored by NAMM, MIA and Classic FM). Our first Music workshop started at Glastonbury Kidz Field 10 years ago. Each instrument is Re-cycled and Re-paired, so it can Re-turn to kidz field where it gets Re-played by 100’s of kids each year!! We are dedicated to the idea that Music is made to share, just like the instruments you can try in the Re-play Music Tent, where it all began!!!

Re:Play Music


Access To Music

Since 1992 Access to Music has provided quality music training to thousands of musicians across the UK, while also equipping them with valuable employability and life skills. Access to Music is the UK’s leading popular music college offering learning and employability for all ages of UK and international students. Access to Music develops a student’s creativity, intellect and vocational ambition through broad, relevant engagement with music and music-related curriculum.

Access to Music has an expanding network of music centres and is looking to branch out through the British Isles and into Europe. It develops bespoke music curriculum with Rockschool, the UK’s only popular music awarding body, and with UK universities and conservatoires. It currently employs around 150 people.

Access to Music has a real presence in the music industry through Atom Live which provides Access to Music students with the opportunity to engage safely in industry practice.

Opportunities for kids to make music at this unique and popular special feature in the Glastonbury Festival Kidzfield.
‘Havago’ on acoustic and electric guitars, basses, violins, drumkit, keyboards and even ukuleles!
Get up and do a turn on the new Kidzfield Buskers’ Corner and then record your song in the Rockhopper mobile studio. We will make an album in 4-days!
We may find the stars of tomorrow for the Pyramid Stage here today at Musikademy!
Musikademy open Thursday 12-7pm, Friday to Sunday 10am-7pm.

Havago! Acoustic and electric sessions run both together peppered with Buskers’ Corner slots and sessions.




Rockhopper Mobile Recording Studio

Rockhopper Studios Mobile recording Studio, a 26-foot-long, self-contained, professional-quality recording studio will be in the Kidz Field for all kidz to use for free. On the outside, it’s a fully restored 1963 Airstream – eye-catching, head-turning and very, very silver!On the inside it’s a state of the art recording studio.


Rodney Branigan’s Masterclass

Kidz Field are pleased to welcome Texan born Rodney Branigan to deliver his guitar masterclasses to students for free. Known for his distinctive musical style and his extraordinary ability to play two guitars or a piano and guitar at the same time, Rodney is not only a unique guitarist, but also a fantastic musician.


Area 43 Radio

Area 43 is a regional charity providing Information, Help and Support primarily to young people. We deliver professional, safe, non-discriminatory and non-judgemental services to all young people. We run an Internet based radio station in order to further spread the reach and effectiveness.We make programmes involving one to one interviews and panel discussions advising young people on specific areas affecting young people.

We focus on the real experiences of young people to bring relevant, significant support to aid them in making the right decisions under difficult circumstances. Through discussion and making radio programmes we work to develop confidence and improve communication skills.

Area 43 Radio


Strode College Video


Jamma De Samba


Professor Panic’s Puppet Theatre

Prof. Panic

Professor Panic is another of the great unsung heroes of the Kidzfield. He is peerless as a puppeteer and his experience, understanding and tolerance make him the perfect person to guide your children through workshops and puppet practice.

This perfect puppeteer hosts all day puppet lunacy, stories, workshops and much more! From morning til evening puppeteers from myriad cultures entertain and amaze.


Zu Aerial Dance

Zu Aerial Dance offer a range of aerial pieces catering for any event. Bespoke acts also available to suit a specific theme. They perform solos and duets and will also be running workshops.


Nicada Traditional Punch and Judy

Making puppets in different ways using a myriad of different materials and involving you all in an instant show, and remember, many of our artists and performers will be doing workshops around their specialist skills and art – so keep your eyes open.


No Strings Puppet Theatre

Alan Kirkpatrick’s No Strings Puppet Theatre has travelled the world with his intricately crafted and captivating tales. The ingenuity and dexterity of puppetry has established No Strings Puppet Theatre as one of the finest street artists that Britain has to offer.


Mainbrace Theatre

With such delights as Captain Kipper and The Moaner Lisa, Mainbrace are hearty funsters with a hold full of frolics. You won’t miss them, whether it’s on the field or in the tent, they catch you if you don’t catch them first!’


Over The Top Puppet Company present Willie The Wicked Wolf



Storytellers Marquee

John Row

Is the host of the Storytellers Marquee. He is world reknowned for his tall tales from around the globe. He travels the World telling stories and adds to his collection wherever he goes. John is one of the great unsung heroes of the Kidzfield and each year he amazes, amuses and astounds us all with his fantastic far-fetched fantasies.


Christine Willison and Mitzi

For over 20 years, Christine has entertained, intrigued and inspired people of all ages and abilities with her large repertoire of traditional and contemporary stories. Whether in schools, performance spaces, libraries or museums, in stately homes in Britain or at festivals worldwide, Christine shares her inexhaustible enthusiasm for the world of tales, legends, myths and riddles. Some of these come from her family’s roots in Ireland and Eastern Europe; some from Wales where she lives, and others she gathers on her world travels.


Pag Naylor’s Instant Theatre

Every performance of Pag’s Instant Theatre is created and acted out by the audience itself, without props or scenery, using the English that the students already know and understand. No two shows are ever the same.


Clive ‘The Storyfella’ Pig

Clive Pig, the Storyfella, is a storyteller like no other. Using masks and music, puppetry and song, you’ll hear some familiar old chestnuts as well as some more unusual tales. His original and dynamic delivery of World Stories appeals to young and old, making him a popular performer at festivals, schools and art centres. Clive is a member of the Guild of Fabulists.

The Storyfella’s Site’


Donald ‘Story Don’ Nelson

"There is nothing children (and adults) like better than a good story. Storytelling can take their minds to places that no computer game, film or television programme ever could. "


Dr Carrie Weston

The author of ‘Boris Saves The Show’ and the other Boris books in the series. She’ll have her bear with her helping to illustrate her charming stories.

We have many more Yarnsmiths who will bring their tall tales and wondrous stories to delight kidz of all ages.



Gorilla Hugs

Guy Dobson’s APE Project

Stilt Affliction

Pedro The Clown

Frantic Antics

Bubbles The Clown

Andrea Walton

BMore George’s Smiley People

Smiley People_0211c

“BmoreSmiley’s People” are a group special talents. They are four balloon modellers (Balloon modeling being the must have skill to be a Smiley Person) A top class Magician. Two Hat Manipulators.A juggler.A Contact Juggler,2 Mime Artists/Clowns,A Drummer A Beatboxer,2Dancers,and a Singer.

The most important thing in being a Smiley Person is your attitude and keeness to make people smile and bring joy.We are not just there to give u a peice of latex filled with air in the shape of a whatever.
It is very important to me that the children leave us with much more than a balloon that will burst in time.Bmore Smiley’s People want to provide children with memorys that will last them at least a year untill they return.or memorys for ever if they never see us again.

Sisters of Percy



Make ‘n’ Do


Mo’s Mosaics

Noona’s Puppet Stew

Buzz Stop

Sarah Anderson

Manda Helal

Scrap Happy

East Anglian Arts Collective

Cre8tivity For All

Goldfish Wishes

Evering Arty

Mad Hatters

Mrs Recycle

Sally Corny


Crowning Glories

JF Hero Arts

Sian’s Workshop


Helen Brown Print

Sticky Fingers

DNA Theatre


Other Workshops

Rainbow Theatre

The Woodcraft Elders

The Big Red Bus

Jessica Goida

Danielle Cooper Windmills

Sircas Circus


Free Tibet

Ben Boydell Strode College Video

Guerilla Gardening


Out & About

We have many, magnificent Rides, Workshops and Walkabout dotted all over The Kidz Field. There is, of course, the iconic 1920’s lighthouse Helter Skelter. Which has been lovingly restored with it’s original livery. There are many other traditional rides, Chairoplanes, Swingboats, Mini Big Wheel, Roundabouts, Inflatafun, Trampolines, Climbing Walls, Gyroscopes, The Ping Pong Thunderdome and our very own Aerial Runway. Also, The Woodcraft Folk Playworkers will man the ramparts of the Castle and Albion Kids Show will be setting sail in the Pirate Ship and staging Karaoke for any Pop wannabees.

Rainbow Theatre return with their amazing workshop and performance of Romeo and Juliet. Children will work alongside Rainbow’s professional actors in creating a lively version of Shakespeare’s greatest love story. The Woodcraft Elders’ Ethical Simulation Games have got Forest and Future themes. They are all about a better, brighter future and respecting nature. Syrcas Circus, The Big Red Bus, Free Tibet, Circus Fudge, Danielle Cooper Windmills, Other World Arts, Horace The Travelling Pliosaur, Jamba Da Samba and author Josie Jeffries’ Guerilla Gardening Workshops round out our ‘Other Workshops’ and bring riches to the furthest reaches of the field.

This year’s Walkabouts feature many of the artists from the various stages in the Kidz Field and a magnificent smorgasbord of improve talent including Pedro The Clown, Gorilla Hugs, The A.P.E. Project, Stilt Affliction, Frantic Antics, Bubbles The Clown, Mad Pirates, B More George, Organ Grinders, Silly Science, Dr Burnheart Gloss – The Ringmaster of Disaster and his Wobbly Tower of Human Folly, Bouncy Spiders & The Technicolour Sisters of Percy.

Little Kidz Area

As always we provide a safe, secure space for our tiniest tots. Situated at the top of the field and sheltered and fenced with the fantastic support of our fabulous Little Kidz crew. There is the warm welcome and support of the National Childbirth Trust Tent, where you can feed, change and bathe your little ones and get advice and support on the challenges of coping with small children in a festival environment.

The Book & Toy Library can engage and entertain for hours, while Music House For Children, Creative Kids, Tumbletots, The Albion Kids Show Soft Play Area and Tatty Bumpkin all provide quality engagement for the youngest kidz in the field and their carers. We also have the legendary Suffolk Play Works Vulcan Drogue sandpit, life really is a beach.

Care in The Kidz Field

Children are our future and we take our duty of care to the people, young and old, in the Kidz Field, very seriously. That’s why, at the top of the Kidz Field there is a Lost Kidz office that co-ordinates the reunion of children and parents across the whole site. Next to Lost Kidz is our First Aid Post. Both of these areas are staffed by qualified professionals with years of experience in the field. The Kidz Field is also protected by our own CCTV system and Strawberry Fayre Stewards ‘Smile Patrol’ are there to keep an eye out and keep you all safe and sound.

The Rest and Recuperation Post

This year we are providing a friendly, comfy, clean, dry space where parents with young children can come to chill out if they are finding festival life hard going. It will be a home from home with changing and feeding facilities, toddler toilet, bottle and food warming, sterilising facilities, toys , games, and empathic staff to help make your festival easier. We will be open from 9am on wednesday till 1pm monday, only closing when the kidzfield is open, meaning that there are 24hr facilities now available for parents. So come and find us if your toddler is an early riser or your baby wakes in the night or your kid is too scared to visit the portaloos!

Tony and his Eventuality Crew work tirelessly each year to create the best show on earth for Kidz. The Kidz Field is about inspiring our children to live in a better tomorrow. We create a magical world for a few days and we want you all to come and live in it and take some joy home with you and have an adventure that you’ll never forget!
“We Don’t Stop Playing Because We Grow Old, We Grow Old Because We Stop Playing” George Bernard Shaw

For More about us and all we do please visit