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Watch This Space

Well, the dust has settled and we’ve finally washed the Glastonbury mud off and we’re reviewing the mountain of photos and videos that we have of the 2011 Kidz Field. There are thousands of photos and hundreds of videos and it will take some time to sort through it all. We’ll keep adding stuff as we go along so please check in regularly.

To check our selection of videos by clicking the Kidz Field TV button above and for our large photo gallery click the Gallery button.

Also, if any of you have any pictures or videos you’d like to share then please get in touch.

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Michael & Genevieve, Rastamouse and The Kidz Field

Every year we welcome new friends to the Kidz Field family and this year was no exception. Among the new faces in the field this year were two very special people and their fantastic creation. Michael Da Souza and Genevieve Webster are the creators of Rastamouse and they hosted story telling sessions with us each day this year.

On meeting and chatting with Michael and Genevieve it became clear that we had shared attitudes and ideals and that they understood completely what the Kidz Field is all about. Their stories celebrate diversity, embrace inclusivity and have humour, understanding and intelligence in them. The CBeeBies version of Rastamouse is a massive hit with kidz of all ages and it’s the warmth, inventiveness and great story telling that make it so popular.

It was such a pleasure to meet a couple who are so committed to good values and creative fun. Their contribution to the field was fantastic and their endorsement of and contribution to our Kidz Field magical experience was inspiring. In the current climate of austerity and suspicion in the wider world it’s so important that we feed our kidz a diet of tolerance, understanding and a love of the new, different and interesting. Enlightened kidz grow into informed and caring adults and, their energy and enthusiasm, will help us change the way we live and the way society works. We do everything we can to encourage positive attitudes and to create experiences of wonder and awe in the kidz that come to the field. Michael and Genevieve saw this and ‘got it’, they dived in, joined in to the fullest and took pleasure and brought joy. This is the real spirit of the Kidz Field and we celebrate it’s power.Many people were happy to pose for photos, including Mr Glastonbury himself, Michael Eavis!

Thank you Michael and Genevieve for your part in making Kidz Fiedl 2011 the best one ever!
After irie talks with Da Crew and President Wensley Dale too, Michael agrees, to supply the cheese, to get Rasta Mouse jammin’ for you.

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Noona’s Puppet Stew 2011

Here’s a lovely selection of photos from Noona’s Puppet Stew’s Workshops in the Make & Do Tent in 2011. She’s hosted the pics on her own site so please follow the link below to see this lovely set of pics.

Thanks Noona, for sharing these!