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Kidz Field 2011 is Over

THANK YOU to everyone that helped to create Kidz Field 2011. All the sweat, labour and commitment helped us create the magic once more and bring the kidz of Glastonbury the most wonder and awe possible. So many people helped in so many ways but we know who you are and we’ve all done it again – The Kidz Field Family is the true spirit of Glastonbury!

Here on the site we will be uploading much more video and photos and we’d love to see and hear anything you shot that you think others will enjoy. Keep checking the site and pleas eleave comments and let us know how you feel about the event, the crew and the site. Have a great year off and we’ll convene again in 2013.

Love & Peace

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Friday is Rocking

Zingzillas and DJ Loose rocked the house at lunchtime after Seiko Sussou had gently woken us with the soothing sounds of the Kora. Tim & Lights was beautiful and Magic Kev Did a great show. The WORLD PREMIERE of Rastmouse and Da Easy Crew’s live show was FANTASTIC! The Big Top was bursting at the seams and the crowd were feeling the vibes.

We had the creator of Rastamouse, Michael De Souza, in the Storytellers Tent

and between them both we have had great stories and crucial music in the Kidz Field.

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Kidzfield 2011 is OPEN!!!

We’ve opened, on time and the sun came out to greet us! John Row was the master of ceremonies and after a short speech from Tony, the gates were thrown open and the kidz streamed in. All the rides were filled, the face painters got busy, children started climbing, riding, juggling, drawing, making and doing. It’s a fantastic Glastonbury day and we’re underway!
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Setting up in all weather

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We are beavering away here in the field trying to pull together all the pieces that make up our field of dreams. We’ve been rainswept, blown about, scorched and soaked in the last few days, but we’ve kept a smile on our faces and a spring in our (muddy) step.

We accept all parts of the quest to bring a smile to face of every child in Glastonbury!

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A Hive of Activity

We’re all buzzing around getting things done today. The sun has come out and we’ve all got broad smiles, happy in our hive of activity. All the signs are being painted, the Dragon has had a complete makeover and the flagpoles, banners and brightly painted bins are all being put in place.

The whole crew is working as hard as they can now in these final days before we can proudly throw open the gates to the Kidz Field for another year of magnificent, magical mayhem and wonder. See you there!