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2011 Big Top ‘Tim & Light’

We are absolutely delighted to welcome TuckedIn Produductions and the acclaimed director Hal Chambers with their Edinburgh Fringe hit “Tim & Light”

Tim and his cat Light must journey on a magical train to save the mysterious girl in the red dress. But can they defeat the scary boy with metal teeth? The riveting story examines exclusion, hope, friendship and charts Tim’s epic journey from boy to young man. Combining an original ambient soundtrack and memorable puppets, ‘Tim and Light’ is a story of courage that that will warm the hearts of young and old alike.

Reviews for Tim and Light

‘There is a spirit of magic and adventure in Tucked In’s work that is intoxicating. That they should commit to evoking this spirit in Tim and Light using only their immediate surroundings is infectious. I was as bewitched as was my four year old.’

With echoes of Tim Burton and a sophisticated early Harry Potter emerging production company Tucked In’s work appeals to more than one market. Kids and adults alike will be enchanted by Tucked In and their storytelling. Tim and Light is one of those tales that would remain a nostalgic memory from your childhood theatrical experiences, a true must see for families. No kids? Offer up babysitting time. See this show!’

‘It is well and enthusiastically performed by actor/puppeteers James Marlowe, Sarah-Jayne Butler, Robin Hemmings, William Donaldson, and Rosalind Steele, smoothly blending live action, marionette and shadow work, often lit only by torches which give it an extra edge of danger and excitement. As director, Hal Chambers keeps things briskly moving… Beatrice Pentney designed the puppets and the cat Light is particularly delightful.’

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Our line-up for this year is nearly ready

We’re so close to unveiling our line-up for this year. There are limbs, snouts, hats and whiskers poking out as the acts desperately strain to burst out of their wrapper. There are lot’s of great new acts and some familiar favourites. The full line-up is announced on 1st April and we can’t wait to let the cat out of the bag.

Stay tuned for the full details of our fun filled festival line-up at the end of next week…

The famous entrance is on the way up

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It’s Starting

There’s a buzz, something in the air, it’s coming. Summer, with it’s sunshine smiles, breathless, laughter filled days and magical nights under canvas. Minds are starting their whirring, many, many hands and hearts are stirring, rousing to bring the magic once again and reaching out for the next time we play.