The Fabulous KIDZ FIELD for 2011

OPENING TIMES: The Kidz Field is the place to be for 12‘s and under at Glastonbury. We are open 12pm – 7pm on Thursday and 9am – 7pm on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Detailed timings for the different shows will be listed on blackboards around the field each day.

We don’t list times for performances in The Kidz Field as we have so many different venues and things going on all over and the idea is that families come to play in the Kidz Field rather than just head for a particular performance. So we encourage you to move around and discover all the various delights.

“It’s Never Too Late To Have a Happy Childhood, or Enable Someone Else’s”

Glastonbury Festival observes the read this UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 31 “The right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities and to participate FREELY in cultural life and the arts.” It is for this reason that ALL children under 12 enter the Festival for free.

Tony and the Eventuality Crew work tirelessly to construct the magical world of the Kidzfield. We scour the world for the most remarkable, incredible and fantastic children’s shows. We know that kidz know best, are the toughest to please and the hardest to fool, we know this and so we bring ONLY THE BEST. The Kidz Field is an interactive experience, we want everyone to get involved – see a show, learn a skill, get your face painted, play a game, climb on the castle, enjoy the rides and leave with a gleam in your eye and something beautiful that you’ve created!

The Big Top

This is the place to see the big shows in the Kidz Field. All manner of strange, extraordinary and magical things happen in here!

The most fantastic news this year is the Worldwide premiere of the Rastamouse stage show Join Check Out Your URL Rastamouse, http://safeglassbottle.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1544660572.1076529026031494140625 Scratchy and Zoomer, a.k.a Da Easy Crew, performin’ in dere world exclusive live debut! Since launching on CBeebies in January 2011 Rastamouse and Da Easy Crew have been entertaining pre-school kids and parents alike with their mystery-solving, musical adventures and positive energy. Now, get ready to rocksteady with Rastamouse and friends as they take to the stage, for the first time ever, to perform some wicked riddims from their new album. Rain or shine da vibes dem guaranteed to “make a bad ting good!”

Other big news is that we have an exclusive show from The Zingzillas, performing a range of songs at Glastonbury! They are the children’s favourite rock band, with a star performance from DJ Loose AND we have a live performance from the nation’s favourite children’s book character The Gruffalo.

CBeebies’s Andy Day & Alex Winters bring their mates along for some fun, This year they team up with CBeeBies colleague Katy Ashworth and CBBC’s Dan Clarkson and Mike James. There will be stories, songs and help from members of the audience as the CBeeBies Crew create their crazy show.

We are delighted to bring you ‘Tim & Light’ from Tucked in Productions. This special piece of puppetry and theatre has been gaining rave reviews from it’s run at The Edinburgh Fringe and is something really special – Think Coraline meets Spirited Away with the macabre atmosphere of a Tim Burton graveyard!

We have classic clowning from the first lady of French circus Miss Loulou. The strangest things happen to her. She is other worldly and fantastic and she represents clowns from a bygone age. Also, over from his home in France is Coreo Hazzard one of the great new circus talents of our generation. He is from three generations of clown, The Hazzards, and his grandfather, Michael ‘Ancient Hazzard’ Balfour, was one of the founding inspirations of the Kidz Field and now Coreo has taken over the role as the Hazzard in the Kidz Field.

Each Big Top day begins with the soothing sounds of the Kora played by Griot Master Seikou Susso. We have our resident legends Mr Mike and Mr Maynard, Bell & Bullock and the magnificent splendour of Professor Pumpernickle, Cecil Sassoon’s Silly Cinema, Clown ZAZ, One Wheel Sam and Magic Kev round out a fantastic Big Top line-up.

Prof. Panic’s Puppet Arena

Your fabulous ringmaster Professor Panic is one of the greats of contemporary circus. He will be hosting all day puppet lunacy, circus skills and story workshops. His shows include Punch & Judy, the Panic take on the traditional Punch show, performed in traditional static booth. This year , for the first time, with help from the next generation, his son, Elmo Panic. The Prof also presents his special show for the under 5’s, The Teddy Bear’s Circus Picnic, and he may also bring out his Coat of 100 Pockets, where every pocket holds a treasure, every treasure tells a story gathered on the Professor’s travels.

Zu Aerial Dance train and perform Tight Rope workshops each day. Tight Rope practice is fantastic fun and it offers many physical and emotional benefits. It’s challenging and gives a sense of confidence through achievement, and, it’s physically demanding it helps develop strength, stamina and co-ordination. Mainbrace Theatre will have pirate pandemonium and aha me hearty antics.
Nicada do a Traditional Punch and Judy show – that’s the way to do it!

Objects Dart is the fascinating world of Drew Colby and his hand shadow puppets! Hand shadows are possibly the oldest form of puppetry, when combined with different storytelling techniques, songs and audience participation, the result is magic.

Puppeteer Alan Kirkpatrick created No Strings Puppet Theatre in 1980 and has since traveled the world with his intricately crafted and captivating tales.

Music Workshops

Re-Play Music are a crucial part of our team and they grow in size every year. Any child can turn up, learn to play a little, form a band and record a song in the state of the art Rockhopper Mobile Recording Studio.

Re:Play Music was inspired and created in the Kidz Field some years ago by Lisa, they reclaim and refurbish abandoned instruments and give them away to kids who show interest and promise. They have a huge team of skilled and inspirational teachers and mentors who nurture and support the children through their early experience with an instrument.

On hand to help the music flow will be Rodney Brannigan and his masterclasses – including special guest appearances by some of the stars of this years Glastonbury. Rounding out the Music Workshops are Access To Music and Musica – Music For All.

This is where the stars of tomorrows Pyramid Stage start their journey into music.

Storytellers Marquee

John Row, the story telling Wizard, is the host of the Storytellers Marquee. This year he has a stellar line-up of storytellers. Christine Willison is the renowned Welsh mistress of Tales with her trusty sidekick Mitzi on accordion.

Pag Naylor’s Instant Theatre uses The English language as a starting point to create the tallest of tales that unfold in twists and turns, Clive ‘The Storyfella’ Pig and Donald ‘Story Don’ Nelson are, simply, two masters of their craft, who can weave the wildest whimsy . We are pleased to introduce Mary J Lockwood and her tales of the ‘Fairytale Wars’ and watch out for a special appearance by Michael De Souza and Genevieve Webster, the creators of the phenomenon that is Rastamouse.

Little Kidz Area

Tiny tots will feel at home in the little kidz area, a safe, fenced-in space at the top of the field with it’s own mini playground, sandpit and helpers. There’s the Vulcan bomber drogue reclaimed as a sandpit sunshade that Suffolk Playworks bring. The Albion Kidz Show, who have been bringing joy to kids in urban desolation since 1984, bring their Kidz Karaoke, fab Soft Play and famous Pirate Ship for active types. Plus, there is a Book and Toy Library and the giant Sandpit.

Tatty Bumpkin run yoga inspired classes for babies and children, Tumbletots encourage kids to climb, jump, roll… and other elementary physical activities that help stimulate body awareness. Music House For Children present bespoke storytelling and music play for babies and children, this year they will delight us with their new project ‘The Lion & The Unicorn’.

Silly Science will teach us how to make bottle rockets and various other science stuff and Creative Kids Workshop have a UV Den and sensory experience space with Jungle and Underwater themes.

The National Childbirth Trust provide baby changing, bathing, food and feeding facilities, as well as provisions and advice to help those with very young children and babies at the festival. NCT provide an invaluable service for us and we have the greatest respect for the commitment, kindness and energy that they bring to the Kidz Field. So, visit them, chill out with your child and have a cup of tea and a break.

Syrcas Circus

Wales’ only renewable energy powered Marquee, a vibrant venue to experience their drumming, music and theatre workshops – not forgetting their myriad of circus skills workshops.

Rainbow Theatre


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The idea behind Rainbow Shakespeare is to produce accessible interactive theatre that all the family could enjoy. Children take part in the production and performance of the show.
We were never told Shakespeare was “difficult”, he just tells a good story – fights, murder, love … what more could and audience or an actor want! Shakespeare does not need gimmicks or weird interpretations to make the plays accessible to modern audiences.
The plays speak for themselves and no two performances are the same. That is where live theatre can win hands down over film or television.

The Peace and Creativity Space

It is with great pleasure that we can unveil our emporium of wonder, mystery and adventure. This is the adventure departure point for the calmer, more explorative side of the field.

Stoke Newington International Airport (STK)

Consequences The Musical
Using games of Consequences to generate characters and a series of episodic encounters. STK provide all the necessaries to create the consequences and to develop the music and stories including musical instruments, giant pens and paper, toys and models.

The Woodcraft Elders Most Amazing, Extraordinary, Almost Real, but not quite, Game Experience

Interactive game where you complete dangerous missions to save the unicorn, engage the Mermaids in Peace Talks with The Pirates and learn to communicate with Aliens.

Other World Arts

A madcap coalition of fantastitanic proportions. There’s Rankin MacFarland and the codeloquent, pompoustitular Ringmaster of Disaster Dr Burnheart Gloss,

The World Famous Make and Do Tent

This is one of the most popular places in the Kidz Field, everyday from 9:00 am kidz crowd in to create and participate. We couldn’t give you a complete list of what you can make and do here because the incredible team that we have assembled are constantly inventing new things to do.

Most of the materials we use are recycled and everything we teach you is easy to learn and fun to do. Come in at any time through the day and get your face painted, hair or make up done or make your own wardrobe and all you need to bring is a smile!


We pride ourselves on our facepainting teams. We always bring you the very as the many pictures on the site will testify. As with all things in our field facepainting is free.

Richard Langford’s Facepaint Artists
Cheshire Cats


Stars of Channel 5’s ‘Havakazoo’, Makendoo always bring the best for kids to make and do. They engage and delight kidz in their own creativity and make sure that they leave with a smile on their face and a wondrous treasure to take home forever.

Buzz Stop

Mystical beast wands, moonlight graffitti boards and magical outfits

Recycled Jewellery

Bronwyn and Ruby are sisters and makers of jewellery from reclaimed and recycled materials.

WoW Create with Mrs Recycle

Make bees and bugs and fantastic figurines out of wire and paper and reclaimed materials.


Puppet making from the master puppeteers.

Green Gizmos

Make purses from recycled tetrapaks.

Race & Responsibility

Make rainbow South African chickens from recycled paper and plastic

Soap on a Rope

They make soap that goes on a rope.

JF Hero Arts

Get there early boys and girls and design your very own Superhero capes.

Messy Nessy

Makes things out of clay and introduces children to the world of pottery.

Sticky Fingers Crew

Hats, puppets, brooches, badges and pop-ups.

Picktish Paper People

Origami and paper oriented creativity.

Recycled Windmill Gardens

Make recycled windmills for the garden.


Make charms, wishes and messages to hang on our wishing tree and to take home.

Kajamagoo Arts

Make masks with Matt

Mad Hatters

Create your own, awesome festival hat. A must for any budding designers. Also, these are the folk who do the bottle rockets, so, fingers in your ears and away she blows.

Be Jewelled

Recycled jewellery and gem related stuff.

Crowning Glories

Make Glorious Crowns

Noona’s Puppet Stew

Stick puppets and much more

Scrap Happy

Instruments, puppets, windmills, butterflies, costumes & hats.

Mo’s Mosaic Madness

Make mad mosaics

Cre8ivity 4 All

Clay objects decorated with twigs and pebbles

Wicked Wings

Make wicked Wings

Sian’s Workshops

Jewellery, garlands, badges, pendants and flags. Also,

Nandin’s Cartoon Workshop

Learn cartoon art and character drawing.

East Anglian Arts Collective

More mad mosaics

Modroc Masks

Plaster masks using Modroc

The Bindi Crew

Bindi’s and face decoration

Evering Arty

Everything arty especially arty shirts & bags

Nicada Puppets

Make a puppet with Nick and Nada and star in your own show

Silly Socks

Jolly animal sock puppets wish we use in shows in the puppet theatre. Will make a life size crocodile for the sunday parade.

Out & About

Circus Fudge present The Weatherhouse’

Abandoned by the sunny day woman the rainy day man continues on alone to report the latest ever-changing weather conditions. Beset with problems of Meteorological proportions his task is not a simple one but with the help of the unsuspecting audience he manages to bring this story to a truly memorable, thigh-slapping conclusion.

Free Tibet

A beautiful traditional Tibetan tent running Tibetan workshops

Tibetan Prayer Flag printing using traditional wooden stamps to print wishes or flags. Clay Sculptures, Sand Mandalas. Tibetan calligraphy, Tibetan games – Tag Go Shi and Sho are just a couple of traditional Tibet games which kids and young people love. Kids can make a Rangzen (freedom) bracelet watch our display of Tibetan traditional dress, with yak and snow lion costumes and eat Khapse! A traditional Tibetan biscuit, normally served at New Year.

The Guerilla Garden

For this years festival we will be creating our own Kidz Field garden at the entrance to the field, please feel free to bring any plants, shrubs or seeds you would like to give us. We’ll be sowing seeds far and wide and teaching young minds about the wonder awe of nature in full bloom. We will set you on the garden path with seed bombs and flowers to replant the world. Let’s teach our children that the World is ours to grow in!

The Magic Garden

Present ‘Over The Rainbow’.

Bell & Bullock
Puppet Lab
Mr Mike & Mr Maynard
Frantic Antics
Gorilla Hugs
Keith the Bubble Clown
Stanley Stardust
The Boot Puppet Theatre’s
Balloon Magician’s
Clown Pedro’s Travelling Show
Watch out for Pedro and his cart
You never know when he’ll start
With Bubbles magic, music and mime
Everything’s set for a wonderful time
Stilt Afflictions
Bouncy Space Hoppers
Friction Arts present The Magnificent ‘Sisters of Percy’
The A.P.E Project

Outdoor Rides and Games

Arty Clarty’s Inflatables
Giant Enchanted Climbing Castle
manned by the ideologically sound Woodcraft Folk who will be promoting UN Agenda 21 – The Right to Play.
1930’s giant wooden lighthouse Helter Skelter,
Swing boats
Mini Ferris Wheel
Spider Mountain Climbing Frame
Sally’s famous Super Tramps trampolines
Aerial Runway
Maynell Games’ outdoor interactive games
Foundry Mobile Climbing Wall
Penwith Play’s Scramble, Chase & Climb Slide Inflatable Assault Course
The Play Rangers in The Forest of Dreams.

Mamas & Papas Cafe

There is only one commercial outlet in the field and that is the non-profit. The prices are low, the food is great and service comes with a smile. Proceeds from the café will benefit SOS Children’s Villages, The World’s largest orphan charity.

The Kidz Field has a Lost Children and a First-Aid post manned by a large group of highly trained professionals. Regrettably, we DO NOT provide crèche facilities.
We have a CCTV system to ensure safety and Strawberry Fair stewards are always on hand to keep you safe and ensure that you and yours have a happy childhood at Glastonbury 2011

These teams provide a low profile but vitally important service to us, and the Festival goers. This is humanity at work, real people treating others with respect – Long before any ideas about ‘Big Society’.

Have a great time at Glastonbury 2011 – Let’s create a World that we would want to live in. Love The Land & Respect The Farm. It’s not too late for Love & Peace to Save the World and Help us to Pass it on Safely to the Next Generations.

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